Vermont’s Five 4,000 Footers in One Day ?>

Vermont’s Five 4,000 Footers in One Day

Last year on my birthday I did something that I had been wanting to do for a long time–I ran my age in miles. I thought I might make a tradition of that and try to do it every year, but this year it just wasn’t really resonating with me. I definitely wanted to get out in the woods and have a great adventure, but I didn’t really care so much about running a certain number of miles. What I did care about…

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White Mtns Weekend, Day 2: Wildcat Ridge and Carter Dome ?>

White Mtns Weekend, Day 2: Wildcat Ridge and Carter Dome

For our second day in the Whites, we had originally planned to do the Wildcat-Carter-Moriah traverse, a 20-mile route over 6 of New Hampshire’s 4,000 footers. This would have been an ambitious undertaking even in good weather, and after being reduced to a snail’s pace in dangerous weather conditions the day before, we weren’t sure we should even attempt to do anything on Sunday. We spent our second night at the campground, after mopping up the inside of our very non-waterproof…

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White Mtns Weekend, Day 1: Old Speck and Mahoosuc Notch ?>

White Mtns Weekend, Day 1: Old Speck and Mahoosuc Notch

Early October is my favorite time to be in the White Mountains because the combination of fall foliage and snowy mountain peaks makes for some of the most stunning scenery I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, this time of year also means that it can be a warm, sunny fall day one moment and a cold, snowy, icy, windy  winter day the next. The weather is always changeable and unpredictable in the Whites, but this time of year it can be dangerously…

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Cardigan Mountain State Park Loop ?>

Cardigan Mountain State Park Loop

A couple weeks ago I was on the hunt for new trails, as I so often am, and I stumbled across Cardigan Mountain State Park. Peter and I hiked Cardigan Mountain about 12 years ago when we were dating, but we haven’t been back since. I couldn’t find any good maps online, but I gathered enough information to estimate that we could easily run 15-20 miles on the trail network there, so I ordered a map. When the map came,…

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TARC Fall Classic DNF ?>

TARC Fall Classic DNF

I wasn’t really expecting to come out of the TransRockies Run unscathed, so I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I didn’t. And I knew when I set out to run the TARC Fall Classic 50-miler just 4 weeks later that I had very little chance of finishing, so it wasn’t a big deal when (spoiler alert) I didn’t. If I’d had any good sense, I wouldn’t have signed up for any fall races to begin with, but obviously…I didn’t. *…

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TransRockies Run Tips and Tricks ?>

TransRockies Run Tips and Tricks

This post is mainly for those who want to know every detail of what running TRR is all about. Whether you’re interested in running the race in the future or are just curious to know more about the event, this post should answer any questions you may have.   Training Long back-to-backs and lots of hiking experience are key. You can see what I did for training –> here. I think I was well prepared for the long climbs and consecutive…

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TransRockies Run: Stage 6 ?>

TransRockies Run: Stage 6

When we woke up on the morning of stage 6, it was raining and looking pretty bleak, but the weather forecast predicted that it would clear by the time we started. We lingered in the food tent after breakfast hoping the rain would stop before we had to make our way to the start. We would be starting in the same place that we finished yesterday, but we had to walk about a mile to get there, and I wasn’t anxious…

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