I’m part of a family of runners, and my story is their story, so without further ado, meet the Haynes family:

I’m Leah, the oldest, and I’ve been married to my husband, Peter, for 10 years. Next is Hannah, married to John, then our brother, Lucky, and last-but-not-least, Sarah, married to Jared. Our parents, Steve and Cindy, are our ever-faithful support crew and travel to almost all of our races with us. Hannah is a certified athletic trainer, and if it weren’t for her injury prevention and rehabilitation knowledge, we would probably all have given up on running long ago.

We Hayneses, and our spouses, have a lot of interests in common, but mostly we all share the love of physical pursuits. We didn’t all start out as runners, and we didn’t all get into running all at once either. In fact, the running bug didn’t bite until 2008 when Leah, Hannah and Sarah, somewhat out of the blue, decided to run a half marathon together. During our training, lots of people asked us if we wanted to do a full-length marathon next, but at the time we didn’t really see the need to take that next step. Once we ran that race though we were hooked.

From there we set out to conquer one challenge after another. We went on to do that marathon, with Leah’s husband, Peter joining in on this one. Then, as we started building speed along with endurance, the four of us decided to take a shot at qualifying for the Boston Marathon. ¬†We all qualified on our first attempt!

We ran Boston and other races, and our family running group started to expand. Lucky took up running. Sarah got married to Jared, Hannah started dating John, both were soon converted to our ways, and before we knew it, we were looking at a the biggest challenge we’d ever faced: a double marathon! All 7 of us did this race together, 5 doing the double and 2 opting for the single marathon distance. While the race had it’s ups and downs, it is so far the only race that we have all done together, though I hope there will be many more to come!

We started this blog as a family (though currently I am the only author) because we have a lot of fun running and doing races together, and we wanted to share our passion for this sport. We also have some funny stories, a good bit of inspiration and lots of advice and helpful hints to pass along to our readers. We are sure to have many adventures together in the future, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading about our exploits as much as we enjoy telling the stories.


Our first half marathon: Sarah, Hannah and Leah


Our first marathon: Sarah, Hannah, Leah and Peter


The Mount Washington Road Race: Peter D. (brother-in-law), Hannah, Leah, Peter

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Our Boston Qualifier: Sarah, Hannah, Leah and Peter


The Boston Marathon: Sarah, Hannah, Leah and Peter


Our first 50K: Peter, Leah and Hannah


Our first double marathon: Peter, Jaime (friend), Leah, Sarah, John, Jared, Hannah and Lucky


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