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Month: August 2015

TransRockies Run Tips and Tricks ?>

TransRockies Run Tips and Tricks

This post is mainly for those who want to know every detail of what running TRR is all about. Whether you’re interested in running the race in the future or are just curious to know more about the event, this post should answer any questions you may have.   Training Long back-to-backs and lots of hiking experience are key. You can see what I did for training –> here. I think I was well prepared for the long climbs and consecutive…

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TransRockies Run: Stage 6 ?>

TransRockies Run: Stage 6

When we woke up on the morning of stage 6, it was raining and looking pretty bleak, but the weather forecast predicted that it would clear by the time we started. We lingered in the food tent after breakfast hoping the rain would stop before we had to make our way to the start. We would be starting in the same place that we finished yesterday, but we had to walk about a mile to get there, and I wasn’t anxious…

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TransRockies Run: Stage 5 ?>

TransRockies Run: Stage 5

On the morning of Stage 5 we said goodbye to Nova Guides and shuttled our way over to Red Cliff to start where we finished the day before. Goodbye Since I wanted to preserve the memory of standing in the starting chute every morning, I took this little video. It’s best enjoyed with your speakers turned up all the way to get the full effect. AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” was played during the last 60 seconds before the start every…

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TransRockies Run: Stage 4 ?>

TransRockies Run: Stage 4

The start for Stage 4 is at Nova Guides, and since we would be returning that night to spend a second night there, for the first and only time during the week we didn’t have to take a shuttle OR pack our duffle bags! As someone who is not particularly a morning person, I really enjoyed sleeping in and taking my time with my morning routine this day. Stage 4 is another big mountain day, very similar to Stage 2…

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TransRockies Run: Stage 3 ?>

TransRockies Run: Stage 3

Our night in Leadville was pretty chilly with a low of 41 degrees, but it warmed up really quickly as soon as the sun came up. My knee had been feeling good walking around camp that morning, so as we lined up to start I was optimistic that the worst was over.  The starting line in downtown Leadville We ran through Leadville and out of town on paved roads for about 3 miles. There were some short ups and downs…

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TransRockies Run: Stage 2 ?>

TransRockies Run: Stage 2

The morning of stage 2 dawned with a beautiful sunset as we packed up our bags and headed down the hill for breakfast.  All our stuff for the week went into these duffle bags, which were transported from camp to camp by the race crew. The only bad thing about our first camp: the tents were at the top of this hill and the food and showers were at the bottom. After breakfast we were shuttled to our start location,…

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TransRockies Run: Stage 1 ?>

TransRockies Run: Stage 1

The TransRockies Run was, hands down, the best race experience I have ever had, and I never wanted it to end! I am currently petitioning the race director to create a 10-day race for next year because 6 days is just not nearly long enough.  If you are a runner, or even dream of being a runner, put this race on your bucket list and start working towards it right now. It’s worth every penny and every second of hard…

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