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Month: July 2015

Vermont 100 Endurance Race 2015 ?>

Vermont 100 Endurance Race 2015

This is the third year in a row that my running buddy, Jaime, has run the Vermont 100 Endurance Race, and at this point it’s kind of a given that if she’s there running it, then I’m there crewing and pacing for her! There are 8 aid stations throughout the course of the race where crews are allowed to meet their runners and help them with whatever needs they might have at that point. The first station is at mile…

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Running with the Iron Cowboy ?>

Running with the Iron Cowboy

I think the Iron Cowboy is becoming much more of a household name as his journey progresses, but when he came to New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago most people that I talked to hadn’t heard of him. “Iron Cowboy? Is that a movie?” No, but it’s going to be a documentary at some point! The Iron Cowboy is a triathlete named James Lawrence, and he is currently on a quest to complete 50 Ironman-distance triathlons (140.6 miles) in…

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