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Month: June 2015

Spring Presidential Traverse ?>

Spring Presidential Traverse

The Presidential Traverse is one continuous hike over all 9 mountains in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains (Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Clay, Washington, Monroe, Franklin, Eisenhower and Pierce). It’s about 20 miles long with over 9,000 feet of elevation gain. We hiked the traverse last fall, and it was definitely one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. In October, with the colorful foliage in the valley and the blanket of rime ice on the peaks, the scenery…

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Yeti Run for Nepal ?>

Yeti Run for Nepal

This past weekend we took part in the Yeti Run for Nepal, a fundraiser put on by Greg Watson of TARC (Trail Animals Running Club) to benefit our fellow trail runners in Nepal who lost their homes during the recent earthquakes. The 6 hour run took place at the Blue Hills Reservation, just south of Boston. I had never run there before and was surprised to find an expansive network of over 100 miles of trails so close to the…

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Mount Ascutney Quadruple Bypass ?>

Mount Ascutney Quadruple Bypass

A little over a month ago we attempted the Mount Ascutney Quadruple Bypass (up and down all four base-to-summit trails) for the first time, but due to thigh-deep snow, we only managed a Double Bypass. Because that attempt failed, it was therefore absolutely imperative that we try again as soon as possible. After discovering that May 30th was the annual Ascutney Day Picnic and that there would be free food at the summit for all hikers, we decided that would…

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