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Month: May 2015

Six Hours in Paradise Course Preview ?>

Six Hours in Paradise Course Preview

A friend of ours, Ben Pangie, is putting together a new ultra race for this August called Six Hours in Paradise. The race will be held in Paradise Park, located in Windsor, VT, and it will be a 6-hour race on a short loop (or series of loops) course. Ben’s still working on the exact course layout, so he invited a bunch of local runners to come do a course preview this past weekend and give feedback on the trails….

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Mount Ascutney Double Bypass ?>

Mount Ascutney Double Bypass

Every now and then I dream up some sort of adventure on a whim, and then, no matter how crazy my idea is, I can’t get it out of my head until I make a plan to act on it. This is exactly what happened in early April when Peter and I were discussing plans to hike nearby Mount Ascutney in Windsor, VT with a friend. As we were talking about the various trails, the thought popped into my head…

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