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Month: April 2015

TARC Spring Classic 50K DNF ?>

TARC Spring Classic 50K DNF

The Spring Classic was the culmination of my races for the first half of this year, as I am planning to spend the summer focusing solely on training for the TransRockies Run in August. For most of the people at the Spring Classic, this was their first race of the year, but for me it was my fourth, and I had big plans for it to be my fastest. Then, as so often happens, circumstances escaped my control, and a tiny little…

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Rockin’ Ham 5K ?>

Rockin’ Ham 5K

It’s been about 4 years since I ran my last 5K, and I can’t say I had any intentions of returning to the type of race where you run so hard you feel you’re going to puke. When it came to the Rockin’ Ham 5K though, there were extenuating circumstances. Chief of which were the fact that my husband was one of the race directors, and the fact that it was a fundraiser for the PTO at his school. He was…

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Twin State 50K Race Recap ?>

Twin State 50K Race Recap

Probably the best thing about the Twin State 50 is that it is held, almost literally, in our backyard. This might not seem like a big deal to most people, but for those of us who generally have to travel 2 hours or more to get to races, it was a rare treat to have one only 20 minutes away! Peter and I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in and eating a leisurely breakfast before hopping in the car to make the…

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