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Month: January 2015

Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50K ?>

Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50K

We ran the Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass last year for the first time and experienced what I called at the time the “most extreme weather and trail conditions” that I had ever raced in. Ha. It’s funny how quickly our perception of past events can change. We had some snow and wind to contend with last year, but after running this year’s race in the midst of a nor’easter complete with driving rain, gale force winds and storm surge…

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2015 Race Schedule ?>

2015 Race Schedule

After my last race, the TARC Fells Winter Trail Ultra, I pretty much went on a race sign-up binge, and I now have so many races lined up for this year that I think I better write them all down so that I can keep track of them. January 24: Cape Cod 50K March 15: TARC Spring Thaw 6 Hr. March 28: Twin State 50K April 25: TARC Spring Classic 50K May 16: Manchester to Monadnock 50M (pace Jaime) July…

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North and South Kinsman Winter Hike ?>

North and South Kinsman Winter Hike

Ever since “The Great Pemi Adventure” in the White Mountains last August, Peter and I have felt the call of the high summits. There’s nothing like the thrill of standing on the peak of a huge mountain and looking out over the valleys so far below. It feels like standing on top of the world, and that’s a pretty powerful feeling.  On Lincoln while running the Pemi Loop We went back to the Whites a second time in October to run The…

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