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Month: November 2014

Win, Win, Win, FAIL ?>

Win, Win, Win, FAIL

  Fueling with Perpetuem and Heed As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, I’ve discovered through trial and error that my body absolutely refuses to digest protein during high-intensity long runs. Perpetuem, a carb-protein drink, has always been my fuel of choice for endurance events, but recently I’ve found that the protein in it can cause my digestive system to completely shut down. Since you need to consume some protein (it should make up 5-15% of your…

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The Best and The Worst of New Haven, CT ?>

The Best and The Worst of New Haven, CT

  This Saturday’s long run is brought to you by IKEA of New Haven, CT. What started out as a simple desire on my part to buy a new desk and bookshelf for our home office, unexpectedly morphed into a marathon day of driving, shopping and running. Let me explain: I found the perfect office furniture on the IKEA website. However, our closest IKEA is almost 3 hours away, so basically I’d have to go to the moon and back to…

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An Experiment ?>

An Experiment

  This past weekend I conducted an experiment with the goal of finding a way to avoid the stomach issues I’ve been having lately. Up until now I’ve always used Hammer Nutrition’s Perpetuem and Gel on my long runs, and it usually works just fine at a slow pace, but when I crank up the intensity, my stomach shuts down. So I spent some time over the past week on the Hammer website researching their various fuel options and came up…

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