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Month: August 2014

How to Mentally Prepare for a Big Race ?>

How to Mentally Prepare for a Big Race

The last couple weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out how to mentally prepare for a big race! That big race for me being 70.3 Ironman World Championships! In almost every race I do, I either have a time goal, or a placement goal….or both! Typically, in the few weeks leading up to the race, I think alot about the race and how I’m going to get the time that I am aiming for. This race is a little different…

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Tri Talk Tuesday: Bicycling ?>

Tri Talk Tuesday: Bicycling

It’s Tuesday! This week, I’m linking up with Courtney, and Cynthia to talk about biking! I’m putting my own twist on this theme to give you some tips for how to have a successful run AFTER the bike leg of a triathlon! If you’ve been around triathletes, you’ve probably heard them complain about how their legs feel like lead when they start running after a bike leg. While you can’t ensure completely fresh legs after biking, there are some things you can do on the…

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Our “Short” Run on Fall Mountain ?>

Our “Short” Run on Fall Mountain

  This week’s long run was actually pretty short by our standards. For the last several weeks we’ve endured progressively longer runs to prepare for the Pemi Loop, and now that we’ve successfully scaled that hurdle, we decided it was time for a well-deserved break. And by “break” I mean we *only* ran 16 miles as opposed to 30+. Pretty crazy when 16 miles seems short, huh? I decided for this run to re-visit a route that Peter and I did…

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Weekly Training Recap: 08/24/14 ?>

Weekly Training Recap: 08/24/14

  After running the Pemi Loop on Saturday, I was pretty sore, so I took the first part of the week really easy to give my body the time it needed to recover. Here’s how my recovery week went: Sunday: Rest Monday: Bike Commute (16 Miles) I was so sore from running the Pemi Loop that I could barely get on my bike, but I did manage to get myself to work, pedaling very slowly in a super easy gear….

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Friday Five: What’s New and Exciting This Week? ?>

Friday Five: What’s New and Exciting This Week?

  What’s new and exciting in my life this week? 1. Well, this happened yesterday: I’m alternately excited and morbidly terrified about attempting to do the TransRockies Run again next year. You are only allowed to defer your entry one time, so this year we are taking the precaution of buying travel insurance! The peace of mind I have knowing that if everything falls through again we can at least get our money back is priceless. 2. There’s a first…

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Race Fever ?>

Race Fever

  Guys, you know how you get race fever after completing a big race? Like, a couple days after your “goal” race, you immediately start scouring the local race calendars, trying to find a new race to train for? Well, that’s how I am, except this year…race fever came early! This past Sunday, was officially 3 weeks PRIOR to my BIG race of the season, and I spent several hours looking up fall races, and ever since then, it’s all…

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Tri Talk Tuesday: Preventing Burnout ?>

Tri Talk Tuesday: Preventing Burnout

  I am a devoted triathlete who trains 14-17 hours per week, competes in 5 big races a year, and also has a husband and a full time job. How do I prevent burnout? Well, I’ll be honest, it’s a difficult thing to master. There are often times during my training that I feel like I might be starting to burnout a little, so when I start feeling that way I have to adjust my training to prevent it. Some…

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