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Month: July 2014

My Race Bucket List ?>

My Race Bucket List

  Yesterday Leah posted her bucket list of endurance events, and it got me thinking about my own wish list of dream races! Most of them are just that–dreams, but some of them might possibly come to fruition at some point. Regardless of whether I do them or not, it’s fun to think about races that I’d like to do! With that said, here is my race bucket list: Ironman Muskoka This is a new full distance Ironman coming to Canada…

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Bucket List ?>

Bucket List

  I’ve never actually created a physical bucket list before, but most of the items on this list are things that I’ve been dreaming about doing for a long time. Some of them are things that appeal to my crazy sense of adventure but are not likely to be possible any time soon, and some of them are things that I am already planning to do next year! I’m sure I’ll be adding more endurance events to the list as…

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Tri Talk Tuesday: Race Prep on Race Morning ?>

Tri Talk Tuesday: Race Prep on Race Morning

  It’s time for Tri Talk Tuesday! I’m linking up with Courtney, Miranda, and Cynthia and they’ve selected the theme “Race Prep”. I’ve talked on my blog before about how I prepare for a race and the  packing list I use.Today though I’m going to talk specifically about race prep on the morning of the race! Race morning can either be very stressful and rushed, or it can be methodical, relaxing, and a confidence-booster. Your choice. I choose to be prepared and have race morning go…

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When To Replace Your Running Shoes ?>

When To Replace Your Running Shoes

  I knew that my Hokas were getting pretty worn out and needed to be replaced, but I’ve been holding out because I wanted to test out alternative options before I committed to another 500 miles in Hokas. Then Saturday came, along with my planned 16-mile run, and as I surveyed my footwear options, I realized I really didn’t have any good options. I settled on the Hokas, knowing they were well past their prime, but hoping they had one…

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Weekly Training Recap: 07/27/14 ?>

Weekly Training Recap: 07/27/14

  I got in a good amount of mileage this week on both my feet and my bike, and I feel really good about that. I’m still a far cry from being in the kind of shape I’d like to be in, but I’m hoping that isn’t far off at this point. Sunday: Sleep We got home from the VT100 at about 5:oo on Sunday morning, so we spent a good portion of the day sleeping. Monday: Bike Commute (16…

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Our Fall Trail Running Adventures ?>

Our Fall Trail Running Adventures

  You know Peter and I are planning a great trail running adventure when our living room looks like this: Or in this case, several adventures! I’ve been reluctant to sign up for any big races this fall because of the catastrophe that happened this spring (missed 4 races and deferred another one because of a debilitating injury), but I wanted to have something exciting to look forward to and train for, so I’m planning some pretty epic runs for…

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Tips for Riding in the Rain ?>

Tips for Riding in the Rain

  Yesterday a friend was talking to me about her upcoming race this weekend and was worried because the forecast is calling for rain. She asked me if I had any good tips for biking in the rain. I gave her a few suggestions, but I don’t really have a whole lot of experience to draw from. I’ve only ever raced in the rain twice, and neither time really bothered me because it was light rain. So I helped her…

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