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Month: May 2014

Five Recommendations for Selecting Running Shoes ?>

Five Recommendations for Selecting Running Shoes

  You’d think that after several years of long-distance running I’d know everything there is to know about what makes a good running shoe. Not so. This is mostly due to the fact that trends are always changing and scientific research keeps coming out with new findings. I try to follow this research, especially since I am one of those that jumped on board with the new maximum cushioning trend in running shoes. For awhile now I’ve heard some disconcerting…

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First Triathlon of the Season! ?>

First Triathlon of the Season!

  It’s race week, everyone! On Sunday John and I will be doing our first triathlon of the season! We will be competing in the Deer Creek Olympic Triathlon. As this will be our first race of the season, we are using it essentially as a practice race so that we can work out the kinks before our half Ironman later in June! Because of this I have not set a time goal, nor have I been tapering this week. As…

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Memorial Day Weekend in Maine ?>

Memorial Day Weekend in Maine

  Peter and I spent the holiday weekend on the coast of Maine with his family. It’s a tradition of ours that we look forward to every year, especially since the whole family doesn’t get together often. Here’s a glimpse of our short vacation:  These guys tried to stow away in my duffle bag. We left Friday after work, and this little puppy was delivered just in time to make the trip with us! It’s a massage roller, and we…

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Tri Talk Tuesday: Bike Maintenance ?>

Tri Talk Tuesday: Bike Maintenance

  This week, on Tri Talk Tuesday, Courtney, Miranda, and Cynthia have selected the theme “bike maintenance”. I’d like to talk about specific maintenance things you need to do on your bike throughout the year to make it ride and race-ready! I actually have the luxury of a husband who does all the maintenance on my bike, so all of this information is coming from him. Once a year: Check and, if necessary, change your bike chain. Check your brake and derailleur cables. Check…

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Weekly Training Recap: 05/25/14 ?>

Weekly Training Recap: 05/25/14

  As I mentioned on Friday, this was a great week for me! I was able to run more regularly and had little to no pain either during or after running. I started to increase my mileage this week, and I learned pretty quickly that I’m going to need to be very cautious as I continue to do this over the next several weeks. My running muscles are very weak, and my body is not used to the impact of…

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How To Safely Increase Your Mileage ?>

How To Safely Increase Your Mileage

  This week has been a REALLY encouraging week for me as I’ve seen big improvements in my recovery process! I have run three times (3 miles, 2 miles and 3.5 miles) with little to no foot pain either during or after! Also, I had a chiropractor appointment yesterday, and after checking my foot, he said that my adjustment from last Monday was still holding! I had suspected as much since my foot was feeling so good, but it was…

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Which Sponsors Would You Choose? ?>

Which Sponsors Would You Choose?

  Do any of you readers follow the professional marathoners and triathletes? I have a few favorites that I like to keep track of–Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan, and Ryan Hall for marathoners; Meredith Kessler, Andy Potts, and Miranda Carfrae for triathletes. If you follow Kara Goucher, I’m sure you’ve heard of her new sponsorship decisions. She has been with Nike for the past 12 years, and since Nike is a very well-respected and established company in the running world, I…

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