Weekly Mileage Recap: 03/23/14 ?>

Weekly Mileage Recap: 03/23/14


This week I continued to take it pretty easy as my foot is still bothering me quite a bit. I think I am starting to see some improvement now, but it is slow going, and it often feels like I take one step forward then two steps back. Here’s what the week looked like:

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Bike 1.5 hrs. + T25 Core Cardio

I started watching the new NBC series “Believe”, and so far it’s the perfect show for my bike workouts–fast-paced, nail-biting action! It is an absolute necessity that I have something exciting to watch while I bike on the trainer, or I will not be able to stand the boredom. :)

This week Peter and I started the T25 Beta cycle (a brand new set of workouts that take the intensity up a notch). I was very nervous about Core Cardio because Hannah had told me that it was the hardest one, but there was only one exercise that was so hard I couldn’t complete it, so the workout wasn’t as crazy as I was afraid it would be! It’s pretty much just non-stop squats, lunges, jumps and never-ending planks. In other words, nothing we’re not already used to from Alpha. :) It was definitely intense though, and my glutes were sore the next day!

Tuesday: 9.5 Miles + T25 Speed 2.0

I thought my foot was getting a little better, but this run told me otherwise. :( I was in pain for most of the 9.5 miles, and it was very discouraging. Afterwards I wrote “When Running Isn’t Fun“.

I didn’t think Speed 2.0 was very strenuous, but it was definitely challenging to keep up with the extremely fast-paced, ultra-coordinated moves. It’s a great workout for those fast-twitch muscle fibers!

Wednesday: XC Ski 1.5 hrs. + T25 Upper Focus

It was snowing/sleeting (yes, on the day before the first day of spring!) while I skied, and at times it was coming down so hard that I could barely keep my eyes open! The fresh snow made for some really nice skiing though!


Upper Focus shredded me! This workouts uses dumbbells, and the lightest ones I have are 8 lbs., which was a little much for the exercises we did! I was able to do the whole workout, but my arms, chest and back were pretty sore the next day!

Thursday: XC Ski 1 hr. + T25 Dynamic Core

Peter and I did a fun loop involving steep hills that we don’t do often because the snow conditions have to be just right. It was perfect, and we had a great time!

Dynamic Core is the hardest Beta workout for me. I must have weak abs cause I struggled with about half of the workout, especially anything involving variations of the “v-sit” position (see below). You do this a lot in Alpha, too, but it still kills me every time.


Friday: 8 Miles + T25 Rip’t Circuit

This run went a lot better than the one on Tuesday, I think mainly because I ran on the road instead of the snowmobile trail. It was nice to have a mostly enjoyable run again.

Rip’t Circuit is probably my favorite Beta workout. It’s a total body workout using weights, but it’s slow-paced and very do-able.

Saturday:  13.5 Miles + T25 Stretch

The first 6 miles were the best I’ve had since my foot started bothering me, but it all went downhill quickly from there. :/ By mile 7 I had abandoned my hopes of doing my planned route of 15 miles and plotted the shortest route back home, which unfortunately, wasn’t very short.

Run This Year Totals: 31 Miles This Week & 433 Miles This Year

I was tempted to not even add up my totals this week because it’s starting to get depressing, but I have to hold on to the hope that things will turn around, and I’ll be able to make up these miles down the road. For now I’ve decided to pull out of my two 50K races in April so that I can focus on recovery. It’s been stressful for me to try to take it easy while knowing that I have races coming up soon that I need to prepare for, so I feel like this is the best decision. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to do those races, but taking them out of the picture has relieved some of the pressure I was feeling. I plan to do little to no running over the next couple of weeks and hope for a complete recovery.



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