Five Things I Love About Winter ?>

Five Things I Love About Winter


This is what I saw when I woke up yesterday on the first day of spring:


Nothing says, “Welcome to Spring” like 6 inches of new snow!


Since it looks like winter might never leave us this year, I thought I’d make the most of it by reminding myself of the things I really, truly love about the season.

1) I love cross-country skiing. It’s the one activity that I probably enjoy as much as trail running, and it’s a great complement to running because it’s a non-impact activity that works the entire body. This year we’ve been able to do more skiing than we ever have in one winter, and it’s been great!


2) I love lounging in the living room in front of the warm fire. I have a lot more free time during the winter because I don’t have to spend every free minute tending to my gardens, so I thoroughly enjoy this season of relaxing evenings.


3) I love the beauty of fresh snow. It never gets old!


4) I love wearing tights. I don’t know why, but I look forward to it all summer. Or maybe I’m just looking forward to a break in the heat. :) Either way, winter brings temperature changes, which bring wardrobe changes, which keep life exciting.


5) I love running in the snow. Unfortunately, there are limits to when it’s possible to run in the snow, but when it’s not too deep, it can be so much fun! We were able to get in some good runs on snowy trails around Christmas before the snow piled up too much.


There are good things to enjoy in every season, and I’ll be doing my best to appreciate these things as winter draws ever so slowly to a close this year. Even if the weather right now does not match the day on the calendar, we know that we are nearing the end, and it will start warming up SOON! We’ll appreciate those warm days so much more this year, won’t we? And we will not complain about it being too hot, will we? :)

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