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Month: March 2014

My Bicycle Commute ?>

My Bicycle Commute

  We might have had the coldest and longest winter in recent memory (and it’s probably not safe to say that it’s over yet!), but I am DESPERATE to start biking outside since I can’t run right now. On Saturday we had our first real spring day, and Peter and I tried to go for our inaugural ride, but it turned out to be an epic FAIL. As I mentioned in my training recap yesterday, Peter and I were about two…

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Weekly Training Recap: 03/30/14 ?>

Weekly Training Recap: 03/30/14

  This week was full of ups and downs for me. After a few days of not running, my foot started to feel a lot better, and I thought maybe I’d be able to start running again soon. Then, out of nowhere, it was hurting worse than ever, and I could hardly do anything! The good news is that it is feeling good again now, and I am starting some PT exercises to strengthen my ankles and hopefully hasten my…

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Five Good Things About Not Running ?>

Five Good Things About Not Running

  Usually I hate it when I have to take time off from running. I don’t mind it so much when not running is something I chose to do, but when I’m forced to take time off because my body won’t let me run, it can be extremely frustrating. This time around though I’ve felt pretty good about it, so far, and I’ve even found some good things about not running! 1. Less Laundry I do laundry once a week,…

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Bike Test Update ?>

Bike Test Update

  I was going to post about my run, bike, and swim tests all at once, but I did my bike test yesterday, and I just couldn’t wait to write about it! The outcome of my bike test wasn’t overly satisfying, but overall I felt like the test went much better than any of my other bike tests this year! My FTP (functional threshold power) was 2 watts average higher than my last test. However, it’s still 3 watts below…

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My Running Commute ?>

My Running Commute

  I recently started training for a 50k, which Jared and I will be running together on May 17th.  This will be our second time running this race–the Superior Spring 50k.  I haven’t written out a training program, but I’m trying to run at least 4 days a week and do a long runs on the weekend in the double digits.  My longest run so far has been 12 miles. This past week I’ve been multi-tasking with my training.  I…

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Rest week/Test week/Race week ?>

Rest week/Test week/Race week

  Woohoo! It’s a rest week/test week/race week for me! As most of you know, every 4th week I have a rest week/test week. It just so happens that this week is going to be a race week for me, too! My plan is to do a 10K track race on Saturday in place of my typical 30-minute run test. My run tests are usually on Saturdays, and since I’m working a track meet on Saturday, I figured why not run…

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Sometimes I Do Some Crazy Things ?>

Sometimes I Do Some Crazy Things

  As I mentioned yesterday in my Weekly Mileage Recap, I’ve decided to pull out of my two 50K races in April due to my foot injury. Thankfully both of the races are freebies, so I’m not going to lose any money over it, but I’m pretty disappointed to have to miss out on them (I’ll admit it, I cried when I made the decision to withdraw). Overall though, I feel better now that I’ve made that decision. The pressure…

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