January Highlights

January Highlights



This month has been a pretty exciting one for me! At the beginning of the month, I was just finishing up my Christmas vacation and enjoying a few last days with my brother before he went back to South Korea. We got to do a lot of fun things with him while he was home, including cross-country skiing on the Hartland Trails and nordic skating on Lake Morey.


Once he left and I went back to work, I got serious about my new goal for the year: to run 2,014 miles in 2014. You can follow along with my progress by reading my weekly mileage recaps on Sundays (week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4). I also sat down and figured out my training and racing plans for the year and started registering for races! Around this time I also found out that I was accepted as a sponsored athlete for Hammer Nutrition!


Our first race of the year was on January 25, the Cape Cod Frozen 50K (race recap). We literally waited until the last minute to decide whether or not we were going to go, but in the end we decided to take a chance on it, and we were glad we did!


Through the course of the month, I documented my new experiences with making homemade kefir and using trigger point massage and gua sha. I also wrote an inspirational piece called There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Run.


At the end of December, I started my own personal blog called Stedge Racing. I’m still posting here on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I write daily (usually) on my own blog, so feel free to follow me there, too!

I started off the new year by setting some specific training and racing goals for 2014. I’ve made a couple of changes to how I am training this year, one of which is incorporating T25 workouts to build my strength. John is doing them with me as well, and so far we’ve completed the Alpha Stage.


Since it’s been such a cold and snowy winter, I’ve been doing a lot of my running and biking workouts indoors, so I put together a couple of posts on treadmill workouts and trainer workouts.


Also, as I’ve been working on changing some of my bad eating habits, I wrote about some of my favorite recovery recipes and pre-run/race meals.

At the beginning of the month, I got to participate in a running research project that is investigating what runners think about when they run. Then, that got me thinking about mental toughness and whether it is a natural ability or something that can be learned over time. It’s been interesting to make observations about these two facets of running.

Lastly, I wrote my first DIY post ever on how to Make Your Own Hot and Cold Packs. 🙂



I know you don’t hear much from me since I only post on Wednesdays, so here’s an update on my life lately: January was a bitterly cold month for us in MN (hello double-digits below zero!), so Jared and I have been hibernating. We had hoped to run through the winter this year, which would have been a first for us, but the weather has not cooperated. Instead we’ve been doing other things to stay in shape like snowboarding, indoor rock climbing, and recently we have started doing T25 as well. Jared and I have signed up for a 50K in May, so we’re hoping that this month will bring a change in the weather so that we’ll be able to start running again soon!


 Snowboarding at Afton Alps!


 Testing out a meal from the T25 recipe book after a hard workout!

Aside from our active adventures, I’ve been working hard to grow my pottery business (Get a Grip Pottery). My goal this year is to do one art show every month, so I’ve been busy getting everything scheduled and expanding my inventory.

Also, I’m a big health nut, or “granola cruncher” as my brother would say, and I’ve recently fallen in love with making homemade kombucha. I’m usually sick all winter with one thing or another, but since I started drinking kombucha, I haven’t been sick at all, so I’m totally a convert. I also just really enjoy the process of making it.

* * * * *

I know we’re all looking forward to what February has to offer!

How has the weather been treating you so far this winter?

Have you signed up for any races yet?

Are you keeping up with your goals for the year?








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  1. The weather has been up and down, its currently snowing here in Boston now and we are supposed to get a few storms this week! I hate to complain about the weather, but I really can’t wait for the Spring. So far I am keeping up with my training plan really well, with the exception of one really bad run this past Sunday. Hoping it was just a fluke!

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