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Month: February 2014

Addicted to Running? ?>

Addicted to Running?

  I’ve often been accused of being addicted to running, mostly by a certain brother-in-law who does not understand why I love it so much. He’s just teasing me, but I think being a running addict (which, in fact, I am not) can be a serious problem, and I think it’s something that is too often treated lightly. Yes, running can be a healthy alternative for those with additive personalities, but you rarely see anyone talking about the negative effects…

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Rest Week! ?>

Rest Week!

  I have made it through my second cycle of training for the year and am now enjoying my hard-earned rest week! Each of my training cycles is 4 weeks long (3 weeks of building, and 1 week of rest/testing). This has been a busy month for me, so I am VERY appreciative of the opportunity to dial down my training and recover a little! I’m also very excited about this week because NEXT week I have the week off…

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MASH Up Conditioning DVD Review and Giveaway ?>

MASH Up Conditioning DVD Review and Giveaway

  Full Disclosure: I was given the MASH Up Conditioning DVD to test and review. As usual, I only write what I really think, and I do not endorse products that I would not use myself. How MASH Up Works: MASH Up stands for Mind/Body, Agility, Strength and High Intensity Intervals. The DVD has 7 different 15-minute workouts, which are divided into three segments, each with a different focus. There are also three difficulty levels to choose from so that…

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Body Fat Percentage ?>

Body Fat Percentage

  I am taking part in yet another research study at the University where I work. This research study involves working out at least 3 days week for 30 minutes (check!) and recording that activity. You get your blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and heart rate checked at the beginning and the end of the study. You also have to do a mile walk at the beginning and end of the study. Basically the researchers are looking to see if healthy…

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Second Wind ?>

Second Wind

  It was 50 degrees when Peter and I ran our 18-miler on Saturday, and boy did that sun feel good! It was actually our third day straight of 40+ degrees, but the other days were overcast or rainy, so this one felt a lot warmer. We ran with the sun on our backs, the snow melting all around us and a glorious blue sky overhead. I was a little afraid when we set out that we’d have icy roads…

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Weekly Mileage Recap: The World’s Worst Cold ?>

Weekly Mileage Recap: The World’s Worst Cold

  This week was not what I hoped it would be, to say the least. I didn’t run on Monday because I skied all afternoon and thought I’d have plenty of time to get in my miles during the rest of the week. Little did I know that I’d end up sick with the world’s worst cold and miss two more days of running. Thankfully I recovered just in time to go ahead with my long run, which went a…

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How Ultra Running Has Made Me a Better Person ?>

How Ultra Running Has Made Me a Better Person

  I had the day off on Monday and wanted to do something special with my parents, so we decided to go to the Hartland Winter Trails to cross-country ski for the day. My mom just started XC skiing this year because my dad and I have always loved it, and she wanted to be able to enjoy it with us as well. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been easy for her. It reminds me a little of when I was first…

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