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Month: December 2013

Fresh Snow! ?>

Fresh Snow!

  Whenever we have enough good snow around here, I like to substitute cross-country skiing for some of my runs. It’s a great non-impact, cross-training activity that works your arms, core and quads and gives your sore running muscles and beat-up joints a chance to recover. Read: My calves were still sore from Saturday’s FAST 10-mile run with Hannah + we got 4 inches of snow on Sunday night = XC skiing on Monday! The fresh snow turned out to…

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Christmas Vacation at the Haynes Homestead ?>

Christmas Vacation at the Haynes Homestead

  The week of Christmas was a busy one at the Haynes homestead! My parents were basically running a B & B with all my siblings and their spouses home for a whole week! As you may have noticed, we didn’t do much blogging because we were too busy spending quality time together. To catch you up on what you missed, here’s a few pictures from our week: My brother Lucky lives in Korea and has become a tea connoisseur,…

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Hammer Nutrition sponsorship and year-end sale. ?>

Hammer Nutrition sponsorship and year-end sale.

  Hi all! I hope you had a great Christmas and were able to spend time with your family and friends! Our family had a marvelous Christmas together. We have been killing ourselves with workouts every day-just the way we like it! I also wanted to let you know that I will be continuing my Hammer Nutrition sponsorship in 2014. I have really enjoyed representing them this past year, and am looking forward to continuing with them next year! I…

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Where I Run ?>

Where I Run

  I wrote a guest post for the folks at Far North Endurance today. I don’t know when they’ll be featuring it, but I figured I might as well share it here in the meantime. They are doing a series called Where I Run and are looking for runners all over the northeast to send in information about their favorite local trails, and I am super excited to be a contributor. * * * One of my favorite places to…

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Our First Week of Vacation ?>

Our First Week of Vacation

  John and I have been in Washington this week enjoying our first week of vacation! We took two weeks off for Christmas this year to travel to see both his family and then my family. We’ve been doing a lot of sight-seeing, working out, and just relaxing. Here’s a few of the things we’ve done: We began doing the T-25 workout series on Monday, and that has been kicking our butts! It’s amazing how you can be in great shape for…

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Proof that Running on the Road CAN Be Enjoyable! ?>

Proof that Running on the Road CAN Be Enjoyable!

  Since we have a foot of snow on the ground now, I’ve been having to run on the road instead of my beloved trails. I know that for some people a run is a run, no matter where you do it, but to me it’s not necessarily the act of running that I love, it’s where it takes me. And a slushy road with traffic zooming by filling the air with exhaust fumes is not where I want to…

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