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Month: November 2013

Giving Thanks ?>

Giving Thanks

  I’ve been continuing to slowly build my mileage back up, and I’m feeling more and more like my old self lately. I finished off last week with a 12-miler for a total of 28 miles for the week. This week I am planning a 15-mile long run and a total of 34 miles. Other than having pretty tired legs towards the end of my long runs, I feel good while running. My arm is a lot better now–it does…

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Thanksgiving with the Simpsons ?>

Thanksgiving with the Simpsons

  Tradition is what makes Thanksgiving so special.  At least that’s what I always thought until I married into a family that has nearly no traditions.  They have a few, but they are not the same as the ones I’m accustomed to and they are also subject to change if the circumstances require it. Playing Pictionary with the Simpson Fam My first Thanksgiving as a Simpson was a little bittersweet for me.  It was the first year not being with…

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Thanksgiving Plans ?>

Thanksgiving Plans

  Leah told you all about our Haynes family Thanksgiving traditions yesterday, so I thought I’d talk about what John and I do with his family for Thanksgiving. Like Leah mentioned, none of us siblings will be together this Thanksgiving–we are all at our in-laws houses. This year John and I will be traveling to upstate New York to spend the holiday with John’s dad’s side of the family. They all get together there every year, and we join them…

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Thanksgiving Traditions ?>

Thanksgiving Traditions

  The holidays are always a special time for my family because it’s brings us all back together again from the far-flung corners of the earth. Unfortunately, none of my siblings are coming home for Thanksgiving this year, but we’ll all be together for Christmas. That said, my husband and I have a grand total of four different Thanksgiving feasts with various family members on both sides of our family, so we’ll be busy! We have a lot of holiday…

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Christmas Gifts for Runners ?>

Christmas Gifts for Runners

  It’s that time of year again! If you haven’t started Christmas shopping already, I bet you’re at least thinking about it. My siblings and I have started exchanging wish lists, and it makes me laugh that everything on our lists is running-related. (Well, other than Sarah–the only things on her list were kitchen gadgets and art supplies!) It definitely makes it easy for us to buy for each other though since we all know what make the best gifts…

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Blister Care for the Runner ?>

Blister Care for the Runner

  I have had several people recently ask me for advice about how to care for blisters. Most of these runners are trail or ultra runners, but blisters afflict us all, so I figured it would be a good topic to discuss. Typically, blisters crop up over areas where your shoes/socks are rubbing excessively. These areas are different for all of us, but common sites are the back of the heel, on the tips of the toes, and under the…

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Dealing with Scar Tissue in my Knee ?>

Dealing with Scar Tissue in my Knee

  On Thursday it will have been four weeks since I broke my arm and two since I started running again. I’ve run a grand total of 6 times so far, but every one has felt better than the last, and I’m gradually increasing my mileage. I ran 10 miles this past Saturday and felt good other than being way out of shape! The only time I had any pain in my arm was the first time I ran, which…

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