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Month: October 2013

Recovery Update ?>

Recovery Update

  It has been almost 8 weeks since my full Rev3 triathlon, so I figure it’s time to give you all a little recovery update. Overall, I am feeling like my old self! I am no longer tired throughout the day, I don’t struggle to get up when my alarm goes off, and I have energy during my workouts! However, due to some muscle tightness in the weeks following my race, I developed some patellar tendonitis in my right knee….

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Liberty Triathlon: Race Recap ?>

Liberty Triathlon: Race Recap

  Since my training for this race was less than ideal (check out my training post), on the night before the Liberty Triathlon I had terrible anxiety and wished I had never signed up for the race. I went to the packet pick-up where I’m usually very upbeat and super excited, but this time I was a bundle of nerves because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The unknown was unbearable! I did, however, perk up…

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We Bought a Cow! ?>

We Bought a Cow!

  John and I bought a cow yesterday! Don’t worry, it was pre-butchered and packaged. We aren’t quite adventurous enough to raise our own meat animals like Leah, but we do still try to eat (and spend our money) wisely. We bought the whole cow, but we’re selling 1/3 of it to one of our friends and 1/3 to Leah. Here’s everything all laid out before we split it up into thirds. The cow came nicely packaged in all sorts…

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I Broke My Arm ?>

I Broke My Arm

  On my way home from work on Thursday last week I crashed my bike and broke my arm in two places. I also smashed my knee, which resulted in a hard-core case of bursitis. I was bruised and sore all over. After a trip to the ER, I spent Thursday night and all day Friday taking meds to manage the pain. On Saturday morning I got up and felt good, and I haven’t had to take anything stronger than…

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Liberty Triathlon: Training ?>

Liberty Triathlon: Training

  The spirit of triathlons has been in the air this season. Last year when Hannah started talking about getting into triathlons and registered for her full Ironman, which she just completed in September, I was totally inspired. I was a little intimidated by the thought of doing a full tri though, so I decided to sign up for a half Ironman to get a feel for the event. I didn’t have too many options for local triathlons, but I found one…

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Couch to 5K Training Plan ?>

Couch to 5K Training Plan

  I recently started “coaching” a friend of mine who wanted to get in shape and run a 5K. Essentially, this involves nothing more than offering advice, answering questions and cheering her on. (She calls me her trainer and chief encourager. ) Because I wanted to motivate her to exercise regularly and gradually build her endurance, I sent her a Couch to 5K training plan from The plan starts out with intervals of walking and running and ends with…

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Supplements: Which Ones I Take and Why ?>

Supplements: Which Ones I Take and Why

  We live in a world where you can buy just about any supplement imaginable, but how can you tell which ones you should take, and which ones are hoaxes?!? In talking with fellow runners, I have realized that some of them take several supplements, but there are some who don’t take any and should be taking them! So I wanted to give you all some tips on supplements, when you should take them, and tell you which ones I take…

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