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Month: May 2013

Good Running Form ?>

Good Running Form

  Should you change  your form? There’s currently a big debate over running form and whether or not there is a “proper” form that everyone should strive for. Some people believe that runners will automatically settle into the form that is best for their body, and that trying to change that natural form will be harmful rather than beneficial. Others believe that practicing basic good running form helps prevent injuries and improve running efficiency. I tend to agree a little…

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Vacation ?>


My husband and I have been on a little vacation for the last few days to celebrate our first wedding anniversary! Don’t worry–I’ve still been getting my training in! We actually brought our bikes with us (I know what you’re thinking–who brings their bike to train on their vacation?!?). Haha, we do! Actually, we are staying in a beautiful area of Kentucky that is VERY recreationally friendly. There are several scenic country roads, mountain biking trails, rivers, and, of course,…

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Running in the Rain in Maine ?>

Running in the Rain in Maine

  I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day! Peter and I spent the 3-day weekend on the coast of Maine vacationing with the fam. Peter’s family owns a house on the ocean, and it’s one of our traditions to gather there with his immediate family every Memorial Day. Unfortunately, this year we had some of the worst weather I can ever remember having up there! To sum it up, we arrived Friday night in the rain, Saturday it…

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Hammer Nutrition Product Giveaway ?>

Hammer Nutrition Product Giveaway

  Note:  This giveaway is now closed, but if you are interested in learning more about the Hammer Nutrition products, this post gives a great overview on their fueling and recovery products and how I use them in my training and racing. * * * * * As some of you probably know, I am honored to be sponsored by Hammer Nutrition this year as I begin my career as a triathlete. Because I love their products so much, I…

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The Psychological Benefits of Running ?>

The Psychological Benefits of Running

  My stress level has been pretty high lately. Work has been insanely busy this week, I’ve been learning some new stock/option trading strategies which adds to the craziness, and I have a billion things that I need to do at home and not nearly enough time to do them. To say the least, I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed. It’s times like these when running is just as essential for my mental health as it is for my physical health….

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How to Make your Running Gear Last Longer ?>

How to Make your Running Gear Last Longer

  Since we have now moved from winter into spring (ok, so we’re well on our way to summer now), I’ve been taking inventory of my warm-weather running clothes and finding them sadly in need of replacement. My shirts are stained and gross, my shorts tend to smell bad even after washing–even grosser. Because I have spent a lot of money on these precious commodities over the past few years (though I do buy nearly everything on sale), I feel…

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My First Summer Workout ?>

My First Summer Workout

  I had my first summer workout yesterday and it was HOT! Unfortunately, it was also my first running speed workout in 6 weeks because I have been rehabbing an injury. So I had to deal with feeling out of shape and being de-climatized to the heat. I felt like this: I ran at 9 a.m. to avoid the hottest part of the day, but the sun was already blazing (at least it felt like it!). It was 75 degrees,…

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