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Month: March 2013

Goodbye to Winter ?>

Goodbye to Winter

  All of a sudden, spring seems to be rushing in here in the northeast. The temperature has been in the high 40’s/low 50’s all week, and we’ve even had a few sunny days! (Let me tell you, I am *really* looking forward to seeing the sun on a regular basis again after such a long, gray winter!) The 6 inches of snow that we got last week is almost completely melted now, and I think that our days of…

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Recovery Pump ?>

Recovery Pump

  A couple weeks ago John and I bought a Recovery Pump! It’s a device with full-length boots that gradually fill with air, starting at your feet and working up to your hips, compressing your legs and pushing the inflammation out. Basically, it feels like a leg massage! I usually lay in the recliner and watch TV when I use them. Ahhh, this is the life!   John first discovered these boots several months ago and really wanted to get…

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Gazelle vs. Glider ?>

Gazelle vs. Glider

  John showed me this video¬†called the “Ironman Run Technique” that analyzes different running forms to determine if a runner is a Gazelle or a Glider. The video is¬†quite long, but actually pretty helpful. John had taken a video of me running during a warm-up a few weeks ago, so we watched that and found that I am a gazelle runner! According to the video John found, the gazelle runners have the most potential to be elite runners because of…

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Perpetuem ?>


  This week’s nutrition post is on Perpetuem by Hammer! I just ordered a huge tub of Perpetuem powder last week, and it came today! Don’t mind my crazy socks! Perpetuem is a sport drink–it replenishes your electrolytes, but it also has protein in it, so it’s ideal for looooong workouts. I tried a sample pack of Perpetuem once before and loved it, so I decided to get a tub of it this time. The best way to describe it…

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Hoka Mafate 2 Review ?>

Hoka Mafate 2 Review

  In my continuing search to find relief for sore feet on long runs, I’m trying out yet another pair of new shoes. I asked for advice on an ultra running forum, and nearly every responder recommended that I get these shoes (I not-so-fondly refer to them as “moon boots”): The Hoka Mafate 2 I’ve seen these shoes before–they’re semi-popular at ultra events–but I’ve always thought they were pretty ridiculous. And being one who believes in the theory behind the…

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Run Test ?>

Run Test

  My GPS watch came last week, and already I’m wondering how I ever lived without it! I’m finding that this could drastically change how I train, mostly because I’ve decided to start running with the heart rate monitor. There are several benefits to training with your heart rate as a guide: 1) Monitor Your Fitness The most accurate way to assess the benefit that you are deriving from a workout is to measure the work-load of your heart throughout…

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Phone call to my parents ?>

Phone call to my parents

Every week (usually on Sundays), I make a phone call to my parents. It was in a phone call last week that my mom was commending me for working so hard on my training. I replied “Yes, but it’s so hard! Why can’t I just be lazy and satisfied with mediocrity?” I’m not saying I’m the hardest training athlete on the earth, but for some reason, I have always pushed myself to do more and be better. The last couple…

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