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Month: February 2013

Spring break! ?>

Spring break!

As you read this, I am on a plane to Florida for spring break! Despite what you may think, however, this is not a break in any definition of the word. I work with a softball team as their athletic trainer, and they are taking a trip to Florida for 10 days during which they will play 17 games. It is my job to make sure they stay safe, healthy, and happy during these 10 days. Wish me luck! It is also…

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New lifting workout ?>

New lifting workout

Since January, I’ve been getting back into lifting. However, just last week I started a new lifting workout. I haven’t lifted consistently in 2 years, so this has been a bit of adjustment for me. I don’t really enjoy lifting-I find it boring actually. Which is odd, because most people would rather lift than run…not me This lifting program sounds fairly do-able. However, I have found out that I am incredibly weak! According to one of John’s many training books,…

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Nutrition Review on Endurolytes ?>

Nutrition Review on Endurolytes

  This week’s nutrition review is on Endurolytes by Hammer Nutrition: These amazing little pills are designed to rapidly replenish electrolyte stores and prevent cramping. They also come in tablets that dissolve quickly in your water (these are called Endurolytes Fizz), which is a nice option for people like my brother in-law who have difficulty swallowing pills! I don’t have a history of muscle cramps, but I do easily get dehydrated and have suffered from heat illness before. I’ve used these caps…

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Vermont 100 Logo Contest ?>

Vermont 100 Logo Contest

  I found out this week that the Vermont 100 Endurance Race is having a contest to design a new logo for their 25th anniversary this year. You  have no idea how much I want to win this contest! Unfortunately, I shared this status update with my very talented, artist-sister, Sarah, and she is submitting a design as well. I’m not sure I stand a chance now, but may the best (wo)man win! I’ve created two designs so far. I…

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First Long Road Run of the Winter ?>

First Long Road Run of the Winter

  Last Saturday we did our first, and hopefully only, long road run of the winter. With all the snow we’ve still got on the ground, we decided that attempting 21 miles in less than favorable, and largely unknown, trail conditions probably wasn’t a good idea. So Peter got on the computer and mapped out a route that toured the rural countrysides of Charlestown, Langdon and Acworth. That’s right, we ran through 3 towns! Sidenote: let it be observed that…

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Twinge in Your Knee ?>

Twinge in Your Knee

  Have you ever gotten that twinge in your knee? I’m talking about the sudden pain felt in the front of your knee just below the knee cap. This is a sure sign of patellar tendonitis looming in the near future. Never have I had this problem during all my years of running, but I’m beginning to experience it as a biker. I wouldn’t go so far as to call this an injury yet, but it will become one if…

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Base Running Workouts ?>

Base Running Workouts

  I thought it was about time to update you on what I’ve been doing for my running lately. Basically since January, I’ve been doing a lot of base running workouts. These are to build up my strength and speed so that I can run faster for a longer period of time. During these four weeks (until my next run test), I’ve been doing speed/hill workouts on Tuesdays, and speed/endurance workouts on Thursdays. My Tuesdays look like this: First, I…

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