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Month: January 2013

Mileage Building and Beautiful Views ?>

Mileage Building and Beautiful Views

  Peter and I have officially started increasing our mileage in preparation for our races this spring/summer. For us, the plan is that every other week will be a mileage-building week, and the weeks in between will be resting weeks. For the past two months or so we’ve been taking it easy and for the most part haven’t done anything more than 10 or 12 miles, so we’ve got some serious re-building to do. Our first long long run will…

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My First Official Training Run of 2013 ?>

My First Official Training Run of 2013

After on and off running (mostly off) since my last marathon in November, I decided that it’s time for me to start training again.  I went out for a short jog yesterday (Monday) and realized that I had lost my fitness for sure, so I knew I needed to get back into running regularly again. Before I ran, I decided to check out the weather.  Today was unusually warm for January in Ohio. Although the sun wasn’t really shinning, the temperature…

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A Rock in my Shoe! ?>

A Rock in my Shoe!

Yesterday morning I was doing my workout with my running buddy and I noticed there was a rock in my shoe. This may be a common occurance for those of you who have shoes with a grip large enough to fit a small rock….for me this was rather unexpected because the shoes I were wearing were completely flat with the exception of several very small ventilation holes. It was especially a surprise because I’ve worn these shoes for 2 months now and…

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Growing Pains ?>

Growing Pains

The last couples weeks I’ve been going through what I can only attribute as “Growing Pains”… I’ve been having to adjust to a new schedule at work (the team I work with is in season now, so I actually have to work practices), and also still adapting to doing 2 or 3 workouts a day. There have been several evenings when I’ve had mental breakdowns because I just want to be lazy and rest on the couch after dinner! My workouts…

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Hammer Ultimate Energy Bars ?>

Hammer Ultimate Energy Bars

In my last Hammer Nutrition order, I purchased some Hammer ‘Ultimate’ Energy Bars, and received a sample of another flavor. I bought the chocolate chip, and then they sent me a box of the cranberry. I like the bars a lot! The best part about them (to me) is that they are well…mushy! This makes them easy to chew and swallow while running…yes…we eat while running. Another thing that most people will like is they are gluten free, organic, and…

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Peter’s Masterpiece ?>

Peter’s Masterpiece

  Peter went to a Physical Education conference this week (he’s a P.E. teacher at an elementary school, FYI), and one of the sessions he attended focused on writing and it’s connection to mental health. During the session all of the attendees were encouraged to spend 5 minutes writing a poem that expressed their thoughts on a subject of their choosing. Peter chose to write about running in the winter, and this is his masterpiece. Honestly, I’m pretty impressed!   Freezing…

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Workout without Getting Injured ?>

Workout without Getting Injured

  The age old question for athletes is how do I workout without getting injured? Well, there really is no firm answer for that, unfortunately. There are many things you can do to help prevent injuries, but in the end…sometimes injuries just happen no matter how careful we are. Today I’m going to talk about what you should do AFTER your workout to minimize your risk of injury. As you know, sometimes you are feeling GREAT on a run and/or…

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