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Month: December 2012

To Run or Not To Run ?>

To Run or Not To Run

  I suddenly came down with a bad cold this week, and basically I felt like I was going to die. As a result I have found myself asking the age old question, “to run or not to run?” Usually, I run even when I am sick. As my friend, Jaime, wisely said, “if we were the kind of runners who easily skip a run, we wouldn’t be the kind of runners crazy enough to run for 12 hours!” And…

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Running in the Snow ?>

Running in the Snow

  We got our first snowfall of the year earlier this week, and honestly, there is nothing I find more peaceful than running through the woods after it’s been covered with a fresh blanket of snow. Unfortunately, this week the running conditions have not been ideal–after that fresh blanket of snow, it proceeded to sleet and then rain for the next 24+ hours–but I still thoroughly enjoyed running in the snow, and it was a good reminder of how much…

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Preventing Injuries after a Christmas Sabbatical ?>

Preventing Injuries after a Christmas Sabbatical

With the Christmas season coming upon us, I wanted to give a few tips on preventing injuries after a Christmas sabbatical. Now, some of us crazies don’t take Christmas sabbaticals (I plan to run on Christmas day ), however, most normal runners will take at least SOME time off over Christmas. Whether it be due to travel, family gatherings, or just thrown out of your groove from the extra events, a day or two off of running is bound to…

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If I were to train full time… ?>

If I were to train full time…

This week is the beginning of my three week Christmas break! I have been given a small glimpse of what my life would be like if I were to train full time… On Monday I was excited because I was able to get both my biking and swimming done before noon! That gave me the rest of the day off and it was awesome. However, Tuesday was a different story… I had running, biking, AND swimming on the docket. Usually…

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It’s a Compression Miracle! ?>

It’s a Compression Miracle!

I am new to compression gear, having received my first pair of compression socks for my birthday back in October. Though I have heard a lot of good things about using compression gear for enhanced recovery, I personally didn’t immediately see any measurable results. I’ve worn the socks for a few runs, but didn’t notice anything substantially different in how I felt. If anything, I thought they made my calves burn more than usual when going uphill. Probably the best…

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Patellar Tendinitis ?>

Patellar Tendinitis

Quite likely you have experienced patellar tendonitis, often referred to as “Runner’s Knee”, to some degree or another during your time as a runner. Patellar tendinitis is an injury that plagues even the most advanced runner.┬áThe most common symptom of patellar tendinitis is a “clicking” noise when bending the knee back and forth in a running motion. Typically when a runner has patellar tendinitis, they will also have some pain and possibly swelling. The pain and clicking usually are felt…

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Liquid Lifestyles Swimming Workshop ?>

Liquid Lifestyles Swimming Workshop

  This past weekend I went to a class in Indianapolis called the Liquid Lifestyles Swimming Workshop. As you know, I’ve been working on improving my swimming form for the last month, but I’ve got a ways to go still. John and I decided it would be a good idea to go to a class where I would be taught by coaches for a couple days so I could get verbal feedback and instruction. It was quite the weekend! Let…

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