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Month: November 2012

Headlamps vs. Flashlights ?>

Headlamps vs. Flashlights

  Now that the shorter days of winter have besieged us, you may find yourself having to make changes to your usual running routine. I am an afternoon runner, so I am among those who find their schedules completely disrupted by Daylight Savings Time and the abrupt shift to earlier sunsets. However, I am able to continue my training by making a few adjustments. First, I wear bright clothing with reflective accents so that I will be seen by others…

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Trail Running Injury ?>

Trail Running Injury

So … last week we were in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving, and I sustained my first specific trail running injury! It wasn’t anything bad, just a foot bruise, but it was because I ran on trails with my road shoes. For those of you who don’t know the difference….road shoes are designed to be pretty flexible, light, and have little padding on the sole. However, trail shoes are opposite, they are designed to be rigid, slightly heavier, and most have what…

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Beginner Triathlon Workouts ?>

Beginner Triathlon Workouts

So I’m officially in my 2nd week of triathlon training. For running, my workouts right now are basically just tempos. They’ll really start to be fun in January. However, my biking workouts have been quite exciting! I’ve been following the beginner triathlon workouts on this website John found. I mentioned in my post last week that I’ll be biking every day except Friday. This is basically to get into biking shape. Then in January I’ll start to work more on both…

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Mrs. Gump ?>

Mrs. Gump

My chiropractor, who never ceases to be amazed by my running exploits, has taken to calling me Mrs. Gump. Without fail, at every appointment, he will ask me about my latest race, followed by bemused exclamations like, “How do you run for 50 miles?!?!”, “I couldn’t even bike that far!”, and my favorite, “You’re crazy, Mrs. Gump!” I find this slightly amusing and slightly annoying, but he’s a friendly old guy who just likes to joke around, and he is much…

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Thanksgiving Injury Prevention ?>

Thanksgiving Injury Prevention

Happy Thanksgiving! For this week’s post, I thought I’d give a little Thanksgiving “Injury Prevention!” Now, we all know that thanksgiving can cause one to be a little gluttonous even healthy runners. However, I wanted to give you all a friendly reminder to be careful what you eat. Not that it will cause you to get “injured” per-se, but it might cause your stomach to feel a little painful on your next run. Now, unless you’re crazy like our family, you…

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My new training schedule ?>

My new training schedule

The last few weeks, John and I (mostly John) have been working on my new training schedule. John has put hours into reading all the top triathalon books, and it looks like he’s developed a pretty good schedule from that. Here is what my life will look like for the next several weeks (the schedule will change in January)… I’ll be biking every day of the week except Fridays. This is mainly “easy” workouts to get me in biking shape…

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Nutritional Analysis Anyone? ?>

Nutritional Analysis Anyone?

Some of you may know, John and I joined a gym a couple weeks ago so that we could swim and workout together. The night we joined, we were bombarded by the director of personal training services and basically forced us into signing up for a  free body fat and nutritional analysis! I thought “well, what can it hurt; might as well get a free consult”… I thought wrong! The night of our nutritional analysis, we walked into the gym and found…

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