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Month: October 2012

How to prep for your big race ?>

How to prep for your big race

My race is coming up on Saturday, so I thought I’d write a little on how to prep for your big race. Leah already gave some mental tips, so here are my thoughts on how to prepare non-mentally If you’re running a race in the near future (anywhere between a 5k-100 miler) this could be of use to you. If not, store it in mind until you do race So, it’s a week before your big race, what should you…

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Hydration Packs vs. Handheld Bottles ?>

Hydration Packs vs. Handheld Bottles

  I read a blog post the other day titled 12 Reasons Handhelds are Better than Hydration Packs, and, while I don’t necessarily agree that handhelds are the way to go, I think the information is worth sharing. Personally, I have used both, and I find that there are pros and cons with either product. For a short-ish training run (12 miles or less) or a race with aid stations every 4 or 5 miles, I like handhelds because I…

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How to Prepare for a Successful Race ?>

How to Prepare for a Successful Race

  Mental preparation should be part of any pre-race routine, especially if you have had a bad race experience recently and are hoping to improve. I am using the following steps to prepare for a successful race next weekend. Step 1) Analyze past races to learn where you can improve: I’ve thought a lot about my double marathon experience last fall, and I’ve identified 5 things that contributed to my failure. 1. I had no idea what I was getting…

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Never Again ?>

Never Again

  “Never again!” That’s what I said after attempting to run a double marathon (52.4 miles) last fall. I say “attempt” because I gave up the ghost at the last aid station, literally 2.5 miles away from the finish, and dropped out of the race. I felt like I couldn’t take another step. I had run out of reasons to keep going. I ¬†didn’t think there was any point in dragging out my misery any longer.¬† I was wrong. And…

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Prevent injuries during your taper ?>

Prevent injuries during your taper

You may have noticed we’re talking a lot about tapering this week. That’s what happens when 4 of us are tapering at the same time! I’d like to give a few tips on how to prevent injuries during your taper. Whether you’re training for a 5k or a 50 miler, it’s important to taper before a race. However, often it’s during that taper period that your body starts to feel run down. You may have experienced it before. You’re a…

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Should I Do Speed Work During My Taper? ?>

Should I Do Speed Work During My Taper?

  Only a week and a half until my marathon on Nov 3rd! (Yes, John and I have a race the same day Leah and Peter are doing their 50-miler.) I’ve been mulling over my options for tapering in my head, and I keep wondering, “Should I do speed work during my taper?” Some would say definitely not, just rest. However, I lean toward doing a little light speed work. This week I plan to do one “speed” day where…

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Taper Time! ?>

Taper Time!

Right now I’m tapering down my weekly mileage prior to my 50-mile race on November 3rd. I know a lot of runners don’t enjoy tapering because they feel guilty about running less, worry about not running enough, or miss running as much as they usually do, but I LOVE IT! By the time I reach my training peak, I am usually feeling a little burnt-out and ready for a break. Often, I find myself looking forward to the race just…

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