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Month: September 2012

Ordering New Trail Shoes: It’s a Disaster, Fay! ?>

Ordering New Trail Shoes: It’s a Disaster, Fay!

Background: I bought my first pair of trail running shoes last summer when I started getting serious about running trail races. Because I had been a faithful and happy Mizuno customer ever since I started running road races, I decided to give their trails shoes a shot. I bought the Mizuno Wave Ascend. I was happy with the shoes, ran well over 700 miles in them with only one complaint: the cushioning was sparse and the hard soles made my…

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How to prevent burnout ?>

How to prevent burnout

If you have ever run or participated in any athletic event for a period of time, you may have experienced burnout. While burnout isn’t an injury per-se, it can develop into a mental “injury” that can prevent you from running for months or even cause you to hang up the shoes for good. There’s no sure-fire way to prevent it, but I’d like to offer some tips for how to prevent burnout in your future running. I am a runner;…

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My week of speed workouts by myself ?>

My week of speed workouts by myself

Last week was my first week of speed workouts by myself in quite a while. I was talking with John over the weekend and I mentioned being nervous to do my speed workouts by myself because for the last several weeks, I’ve had someone with me for at least one of my workouts during the week. I was afraid I was becoming dependant on a running buddy to keep my pace fast. My scheduled speed workouts for last week were…

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3 Ways to Ward Off the Common Cold: #2 ?>

3 Ways to Ward Off the Common Cold: #2

Good Old-Fashioned Folklore I’m sure you’ve heard of keeping a clove of garlic in your pocket to ward off ghosts or whatever the old wives’ tales warned of.  Well, while you may not be superstitious or feel the need to carry garlic around at all times, there are also some old stories that might make you reconsider.  Garlic used to be considered a “wonder drug” to be used in many medicinal cases.  Not all of the old-fashioned uses can be…

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Sarah ?>


Sarah has been a runner as long as I have known her. Even before she and I were dating, she was literally running all over the small town of Cedarville, Ohio where we went to college together. I remember driving back to campus with my friends after eating out or watching a movie, and there she’d be – running along the side of the road with her iPod shuffle and free spirit attitude. Sometimes I would honk or wave, but…

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Top 10 Reasons Why WE Run: #7 To Experience the Outdoors ?>

Top 10 Reasons Why WE Run: #7 To Experience the Outdoors

Whether in the Country… I think Leah would be the best advocate for enjoying all there is to experience about the country.  With all the trails she runs, she sees at least an hour’s worth of woodland wonder every day.  I know those woods since I grew up in the country.  I’ve even joined Leah and Peter on a couple of their favorite trails, one of them being the one that she referred to in her post What is a…

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Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway ?>

Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway

  In my research for my post on running the Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway, I stumbled across another long trail in our area that looks promising as well. The Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway is a long-distance hiking trail in southeastern NH that links Mount Monadnock to Mount Sunapee, where it connects to the SRKG. The MSG is a 50-mile route stretching along the Monadnock Highlands that divide the Connecticut River Valley and the Merrimack River Valley. It crosses three state parks and the lands…

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