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Month: July 2012

So Thirsty! ?>

So Thirsty!

  It’s been HOT lately, and I feel like I never have enough water and am always thirsty.  But I get kind of sick of drinking so much water after awhile, too, which puts me in a bit of a situation. My solution: watermelon! For the past 3 weeks since our 50k I’ve been on a huge watermelon kick.  I just crave it all the time!  During the race it was all that was appealing to me at the aid…

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Recovering! ?>


This week was a vast improvement over last week! We finally had some cooler days and very cool nights, and that, combined with a lot of rest, helped me take great strides towards recovering from heat stroke. I took Sunday and Monday off since I had been feeling pretty bad on Friday and Saturday last week. Tuesday brought the cool air that I so desperately needed, and I decided to test myself with a short run. I felt pretty awful…

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Major Injuries ?>

Major Injuries

  I try to keep my stories short and sweet – no need to bore you! So, if you didn’t read my first blog on this site, I encourage you to at least skim through it. I hope it gets your blood pumping. Maybe even motivate you a little. One story I didn’t expound on was my motorcycle accident in September 2009. Long story short: I was the only vehicle involved but still ended up being catapulted a good 20-30…

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The joys of running buddies! ?>

The joys of running buddies!

I was recently asked by a fellow runner friend of mine to join her on some of her speed workouts. She is a 3:20 marathoner (slightly faster than I at 3:36), and has about 10 years of running experience. Her main goal for asking me to join her was to help pace her on her tempo runs. She is training for a half marathon in September and her goal is 1:30 (my half marathon PR is 1:38). I was slightly…

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The Intimidation Factor ?>

The Intimidation Factor

  Being athletic is fun. I have always enjoyed doing things that involve being active – soccer, ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, volleyball, skiing/snowboarding, track & field, heck even foosball! If it’s something that presents a challenge and some competition, I’ll give it a go. If I get good at it, I’ll keep at it (climbing). If it’s something I’ll never perfect (skiing), I learn to survive it and that’s about it. Above all, I love a good challenge. How does…

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Treatment and Prevention: How to Survive the Heat ?>

Treatment and Prevention: How to Survive the Heat

This summer has shown some record breaking temperatures, and I’m sure if you’re like most runners, you are not enjoying it! Here are some helpful tips that might help you continue to train even when the high is 100 degrees. First, if possible, run early in the morning. This is the coolest time of the day, the sun won’t be beating down on you, and the humidity is typically a little lower. If you’re more of an evening runner, then…

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