Runamuck 50K ?>

Runamuck 50K

I ran this race last year, and the course absolutely shredded me. In theory, a 50K on dirt roads sounds like a piece of cake compared to the rugged New England trails I am used to running on. In reality, the roads in Windsor, VT have exactly two settings: calf-burning climbs and quad-trashing descents, both of which are measured in miles rather than feet. Knowing this, I did several of my long training runs on the course this year to prepare…

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Frigid Infliction Adventure Race ?>

Frigid Infliction Adventure Race

This year, to keep things exciting, I decided that it was time to step outside of my familiar ultra running community and introduce myself to some of the other branches of the world of endurance sports. I wasn’t exactly sure at first what my options were, so I spent quite a bit of time online looking for various challenging, long-duration races. Eventually, I stumbled across adventure racing, something I had never heard of before, and decided that would be my first foray into…

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Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50K ?>

Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass 50K

This was the third year in a row that Peter and I have run the Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass, and I’ve had a lot of people ask me why we keep going back to this race, especially after our near-death experience last year. I wasn’t exactly sure myself, but I had a lot of time to dwell on this question while I was running on Saturday, and I came up with an answer: I love the unique challenge that…

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Winter Backpacking on the Long Trail: Rt 9 to Rt 11 ?>

Winter Backpacking on the Long Trail: Rt 9 to Rt 11

This is how it all began: Peter and I had two weeks off for Christmas vacation. A lot of the Christmas gifts we received were backpacking-related items (trail maps, dry bags, dehydrated meals, chocolate  ). The weather during the whole month of December, and especially during the week of Christmas, was incredibly mild. So all these things conspired together to get us thinking about doing a serious backpacking trip on the Long Trail during our second week of vacation. “Serious”…

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TARC Fells Winter Trail Ultra 2015 ?>

TARC Fells Winter Trail Ultra 2015

Last year was my first time running the TARC Fells Winter Ultra, and I was one of the lucky few to experience the race in all it’s glory. After running for over 7 hours in a chilly December rain on the decidedly treacherous, rocky ledges of the Skyline Trail, I’m not sure why I decided to come back again this year. I suppose it’s partly because there aren’t many races around here in the winter so I like to take advantage…

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Overnight on the Sunapee-Monadnock Greenway ?>

Overnight on the Sunapee-Monadnock Greenway

Peter and I have fallen in love with overnight running trips since we got our ultralight backpacking gear, and this past weekend we did our first 2-day run with significant mileage on both days (30 miles total). The trip was a really good test of our gear and helped us sort out what we like/don’t like and what to do differently in the future. We started out on Friday afternoon with an 8-mile leg from the base of Sunapee Mountain to the…

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The Long Trail (Rt 4 to Brandon Gap) ?>

The Long Trail (Rt 4 to Brandon Gap)

Despite living relatively close to the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the country, Peter and I had never even set foot on Vermont’s Long Trail until we used it to climb Mansfield, Abraham and Ellen on my birthday weekend. This barely scratched the surface of what the Long Trail has to offer, so when friends of ours from Massachusetts asked if we wanted to meet up with them for a section hike, we jumped at the chance. We met Russ and Niki…

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